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  • What exactly are Angel numbers? Simply put Angel numbers are sequences of repeating numbers that people see in their daily life.
    Angel number is a New Age numerology word with many meanings. It is used for some numbers, such as a “repdigit” number with the same digits (like 222), or a palindromic number that is the same forward and backward (like 303).
    Many believe these repeating numbers to be signs from guardian angels. Angelic guidance in the form of a divine message. Authors such as Doreen Virtue have even written books about them. It is believed these angels send you powerful messages at the appropriate time in your life. Sometimes as a reminder, sometimes as an intense wake-up call.
    According to many believers, every Angel number has a specific meaning attached to it.
  • While angel numbers can be interesting to talk about and discuss, the main purpose of this site is to talk about meditation, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle.