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Angel number 444 meaning and symbolism [full guide]

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the meaning of angel number 444, and its impact on your life journey.

Below you’ll find the meaning of this angel number according to believers.

What does angel number 444 mean?

Angel number 444 is considered a sign that tells you to focus and also reassure you. Number 444 signals that you should consciously focus on the task that means the most to you, and reassures you that if you do, you’ll move in the right direction and attain the goal you’ve always wanted.

Instead of dividing your attention over multiple goals, you should narrow down your focus to a single goal and dedicate all your energy towards attaining this goal. That is the secret to lasting success and achievement. If you want to attain a specific goal, do the manifest quiz to learn what you need to focus on.

Below you’ll find more explanations of the meaning of angel number 444 in different contexts such as love, the bible, and career.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 444


What does 444 mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of angel number 444 is that we should have a daily spiritual practice to enhance our focus and commitment in daily life.

In modern-day society, most people have a lot of difficulty with staying conscious and present. In the days of Instagram, Facebook, and the latest iPhone apps, our attention is more divided than ever before.

This inability to stay conscious has caused us to miss hundreds of truly beautiful and life-changing opportunities.

The fact of life is that everything is possible for you if you simply stay conscious and committed to one single thing. This means that you should keep working towards a goal while remaining completely conscious and focused. Unfortunately, your thoughts and emotions cause you to behave in unconscious ways. When you behave in unconscious ways, you’ll slowly get off the right path and this prevents you from attaining your goals.

The fact is that when you’re angry, sad, or jealous you make vastly different (and often times poorer) life choices than when you’re in a state of bliss. So in a way, as long as you’re ruled by your mind and emotions you behave in compulsive and unconscious ways. It’s never a good idea to make major life decisions based on negative emotions.

When you see angel number 444 this means you should take charge of your mind and emotions immediately so that you can attain the goals you’ve always wanted. The best way to overcome negative thoughts and emotions is through a daily spiritual practice.

My personal recommendation for a spiritual practice ( which allows you to take charge of your mind and emotions) is the living from a place of surrender practice by Michael Singer. This is an online 9 part video training that shows you a ridiculously simple technique to take charge of your mind and emotions on a daily basis.

After doing the surrender practice my life changed dramatically in terms of happiness, focus, productivity, and freedom.

Most people don’t seem to realize that negative emotions are a choice. The surrender practice will show you how to get to a state of bliss so that you can make the best choices in life.

Once you become more conscious and focused you’ll see that all of a sudden life becomes effortless. Instead of having to struggle through everything, you’ll find that life unfolds in pleasurable and desirable ways without too much effort on your part.

What is the significance of number 444 in love?

love life

So what does angel number 444 mean in Love? Number 444 means that if you take charge of your thoughts and emotions you’ll turn into a being that is loving and kind. Transcending your negative thoughts and emotions will naturally fill you with positivity and love. Without doing anything people will be drawn to you because you exude pleasurable inner energy. This will result in deep and real relationships. 

You can only have a beautiful love life if you’re living in a state of love and abundance. This doesn’t necessarily mean financial abundance but rather, an inner feeling of abundance. Once you live in a state of abundance you have the ability to give to and love others. When you live in a state of scarcity you’ll always be looking to take from those around you and be stingy in what you give out. Since you get back what you give out, more abundance and love will lead to more abundance and love. On the other hand, scarcity will lead to more scarcity. 

That’s why you should focus on a daily spiritual practice after seeing angel number 444. You’ll be able to give more and get more out of your love life.

What is the significance of 444 for work and career?

You might be wondering: “What is the angel number 444 meaning in terms of work and career?” If you pay attention to your goal and stay conscious your career will blossom in ways you can’t even imagine. You won’t be affected by negative thoughts and emotions and will sail through life and work situations effortlessly.

Success is not only about hard work but also about an element of grace. By taking charge of your mind and emotions you will stay on the right path and enjoy all the material well-being that comes as a natural result.

To move up in your career you shouldn’t simply be working hard. Instead, you should do things the way it works. In other words, instead of trying a hundred different things to become successful, focus on a single thing with absolute commitment and make it work.

What is the biblical meaning of angel number 444?

There is an interesting relationship between angel number 444 and Christ’s earthly ministry. If you look hard enough you’ll naturally find some patterns with regards to the number 444.

4 major events took place, or began, on September 11 in 26 A.D, it’s an incredibly rare and momentous day in human history:

  • The Day of Atonement,
  • the start of the Jubilee Year,
  • the start of Jesus’ ministry,
  • and the beginning of the devil’s efforts to derail God’s plan to save humans.

We also see the pattern of 444 in one other set of Bible dates related to the bible. It’s possible that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (Matthew 3:13 – 16, Mark 1:9), four days before Atonement in 26 A.D. and the start of his ministry… The pattern of the number 444 is manifested as there are 44 months and 4 days between Jesus’ baptism and the day God the Father gave his final confirmation that Christ was the One chosen to die on Passover to make our salvation possible!

In other words, if you look hard enough you’ll see the pattern 444 sprinkled throughout the bible. Whether this is just a coincidence or there is actual meaning behind this phenomenon is open to interpretation.

What is the meaning of 444 numerology?

numerology for 444

According to numerology the number 4 has some interesting qualities:

When strength and efficiency are required, the number 4 is important. The 4 in Numerology is a number with a simple heads-down approach to life and work. It is very dependable and lends a great amount of stability to a person or situation. The 4 is dedicated to making advancements but in a more conservative way. It sticks to what is tried and true instead of trying risky methods that are new.

The number 4 is also considered very unlucky in certain eastern countries. So much so that they’ve coined the term “tetraphobia” to describe the fear or aversion to the number 4. Despite these fears, numerologists claim the number 4 is actually a very positive number signaling progression.

The angel number 444 consists of multiples 4’s. Numerologists believe this enhances or strengthens the meaning behind the number. To learn more about 444 numerology read our full blog post.

What is the significance of 444 for twin flame and flame separation?

Twin flame relationships (sometimes referred to as mirror soul relationships) are considered to be relationships wherein the participants have an unbreakable connection with each other. In other words, they are considered to be true soul mates.

According to Sarahscoop, the angel number 444 has a specific message for twin flames:

Twin flame number 444 is a message from your guardian angels to let you know that you’re not alone on your spiritual journey – there is another person (or people) on the same path, and they would like you to make contact and strong foundations.

From an angel numbers perspective, seeing twin flame number 444 can give you hope that everything will work out in the end. That could mean stable relationships, financial stability or other best interests.

Some individuals believe angel number 444 signals an upcoming twin flame union. In other words, the end of twin flame separation.

What do zodiac signs have to do with 444?

Zodiac signs

According to astrologists, zodiac signs are 12 distinct star signs, each with its own associations. Astrologists believe these star signs heavily influence your daily life. The position of the sun at your exact moment of birth is known as your “sun sign” also known as star sign. From here astrologers try to determine your core personality, preferences, romantic compatibility, and more.

Angel numbers (which have a lot to do with numerology) and astrology have some similarities. Both are used to try and predict or determine the influence of certain forces on our life. So the question is: do zodiac signs influence the meaning of angel number 444?

While angel numbers and zodiac signs have similarities, there is no mention of the two influencing each other.

What is the meaning of 444 according to Doreen Virtue?

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual psychologist from America. She talks about angel numbers, like angel number 444 in many of her books and workshops. Doreen studied psychology and founded several psychological clinics primarily specializing in issues of women. Doreen has authored more than twenty books on angel numbers, energy chakras, new-age related topics, health, and nutrition, including conversations with Angels. Doreen Virtue has also popularized angel oracle cards.

Doreen used to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) new-age proponents and believers. However, as recently stated on her website she no longer believes and supports the new age movement.

Instead, she turned to Christianity and is now a devout follower of Jesus Chris. Doreen encourages everyone to study the bible.

In other words, Doreen gave up on topics such as angel number 444 and instead encourages you to focus on the bible.

What is the significance of 444 in Islam?

Islam is one of the biggest religions on the planet, with approximately 1.9 billion adherents. This means about 1/4th of the world population believes in Islam. 

Therefore, the question:  “what is the meaning of angel number 444 in Islam” is relevant for a large part of the population.

According to Islam, the concept of angel numbers is Haram. As Reddit user @Cherryblossom012 explains:

No. This concept goes against tawheed. To believe that these numbers mean something is equating that the angels know the ghaib. Only Allah knows the ghaib. The concept of tawheed should prevent someone from believing in numerology and superstition. Angel numbers are not from the Quran or Sunnah. However, numerology is used to cast spell/magic (like even in taqweez).

In other words, trying to find meaning behind angel number 444 to predict future events goes against their fundamental belief that only Allah should know future events.

What is the meaning of seeing 444 in a dream?

When you see angel number 444 in a dream it’s considered a subconscious message from your guardian angels. Perhaps you’ve seen the number 444 several times that day but weren’t conscious of the number. During sleep, your brain can process events that happened in the day. Luckily during sleep, you’re not occupied by your mind and emotions and can therefore clearly see the message that was presented.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 444?

By now you should know many believe the message of 444 to be that: “you should consciously focus on the task that means the most to you, and the number 444 reassures you that if you do, you’ll move in the right direction and attain the goal you’ve always wanted.

If you keep seeing angel number 444, this means you haven’t consciously decided to focus on a single task in life yet. You might be “burning the candle at both ends” and exhausting your energies by living an unfocused and hectic life. This unfocused approach to life prevents you from attaining the goals that you hold most dear. That’s why you keep seeing reminders to slow down and focus.

You have a choice. You can either listen to the messages or turn a blind eye. If you decide to continue without making the needed changes number 444 may keep popping up in your daily life.

What is the relation between numbers 444 and 4444?

Number 4444 header image

Angel number 444 and angel number 4444 are considered to be very similar numbers. In fact, they differ by only a single extra digit. To learn more about angel number 4444, read our dedicated guide.

In essence, numerologists believe that when a number is repeated more often, the meaning behind the number is strengthened. These so-called “master numbers” are a sign to pay close attention. The meaning of the numbers doesn’t change, the urgency does.

So angel number 444 and number 4444 are considered to be the same number with different levels of urgency and intensity.

What does 444 have to do with “manifestation” and “the law of attraction”?

What does it mean to manifest the life that you want? And what does it have to do with angel number 444?

In essence, it means consciously choosing what people, events, and things you want to have in your life.

However, you might have caught on by now that the outside world doesn’t magically align precisely the way you want to. In fact, a lot of the time, things seem to be happening that you’d rather see differently. The fundamental reason for this can be explained through “the law of attraction”.

In short the law of attraction states:

Positive thoughts and emotions bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts and emotions bring negative outcomes“.

It’s generally accepted that about 95% of our behavior is subconscious while only 5% is conscious. In other words, 95% of the time we’re not focused on manifesting the life we want. 

So while the rule “positivity leads to more positivity” seems simple enough, actually staying conscious in our daily life to express positivity does not. That’s why a daily spiritual practice is crucial in manifesting the life you want and making the law of attraction work. That’s because a spiritual practice will lead to mindful living or even spiritual awakening. The more conscious you are, the more you’ll be able to influence your life.

Number 444 can be seen as a gentle nudge towards spirituality so that you can manifest your goals and dreams.

To learn more about the subconscious vs conscious mind check out this video:

Why is positive energy important after seeing 444?

It should be clear that the divine message behind angel number 444 is considered “a sign that tells you to consciously focus on the task that means the most to you, and if you do, you’ll move in the right direction and attain the goal you’ve always wanted.” But how can you consciously focus on a single task?

Simply put by transcending your thoughts and emotions, especially the ones that generate a lot of negativity in life, you’re able to focus on your goal and manifest the life that you want.

A lot of things can be debated in life, but it seems a universal fact that positivity attracts more positivity, and negativity will attract more negativity. 

Positive states of mind are very important for creativity, productivity, and fulfillment, which allow you to joyfully focus on your goal and achieve it without obstacles. Therefore, it’s easy to see why positive energy is so important on your spiritual journey. You can either be on a positive spiral going upwards, attaining all your goals, or a negative spiral going downwards not able to do anything.

Is 444 a divine message?

A divine message is considered a message from a divine being or entity.

For example, angel number 444 is considered a divine message provided by a guardian angel.

A divine message can often be interpreted in many different ways and are open to misinterpretation.

That’s why it’s important to focus on your spiritual growth so that you’re not dependent on external messages for your own wellbeing. Instead you take matters into your own hand and become a divine being yourself. By focusing on a spiritual practice you connect with the source of your true self and this will lead to wellbeing and fulfillment. A divine message is helpful, but should be seen only as a crutch to lean on in specific times.

Why do guardian angels show you the number 444?

A guardian angel is an angelic being assigned to protect and guide a specific person. Guardian angels are important concepts that come back in various religion over the world including ancient Judaism and Christianity.

Beings like archangel jophiel and archangel chamuel are prime examples of divine entities tasked to protect humans.

It is believed these angelic beings share divine messages like angel number 444 to steer individuals in the right direction.

What do ascended masters have to do with number 444?

According to the definition of ascended masters are as follows:

Ascended Masters are high-vibrational, enlightened Beings of love and light. They are the highest evolved Beings in the spiritual hierarchy, surpassing guardian angels and spirit guides. 

We are talking about Jesus, The Mother Mary, Buddha, St Francis, Vishnu, St Germaine, and the list goes on. If you get to experience a connection to one of these Ascended Masters, it will be a life changing experience. The roles of different Masters may be varied, but their purposes are the same: assisting humanity on our own ascension, and to increase our awareness of the spiritual forces that permeate the Universe. 

It is believed guardian angels communicate to you through divine messages such as angel numbers. Ascended masters on the other hand assist all of humanity in their ultimate liberation.

How important is intuition after seeing 444?


According to PositivePsychology intuition is that feeling you get in your gut when you instinctively know that something is right or wrong. Intuition is not a logical process and it is not the result of a set of thought-out steps that can be shared with others or explained. Instead, intuition is based on very deep-seated knowledge and the whole process feels natural, almost instinctual.

Intuition is something you’ll develop more of once you become more conscious and present. That’s because habitual thoughts and emotions can cloud your intuition, making it inaccessible. That’s one of the reasons a daily spiritual practice is so important after seeing angel number 444. By improving your intuition you’re more likely to make the right decisions when it really counts and in doing so create the life that you want for yourself and for those around you.

Is seeing 444 a bad thing or a warning?

Seeing 444 is not a bad thing as long as you take action and grow consciously. If you decide to remain unconscious even after seeing repeating numbers, like spiritual number 444, this could result in life situations that are undesirable. This is not because of the number itself, but because you’ll keep behaving in compulsive ways which will keep bringing you undesirable life events. Compulsive behavior can get you off the right track. So, in other words, take 444 as a sign of divine intervention and start to manifest the life you want!

Your life purpose is to grow spiritually and live in states of bliss and ecstasy. Number 444 is a wake up call that spiritual awakening (or the spiritual path) isn’t simply something for yogis in the Himalayas or hippies, but something we can all experience and benefit from. When we are more conscious and spiritually aware, every aspect of our life improves. Family members, friends and colleagues alike will benefit from your internal transformation. It’s time to start building a solid foundation of happiness and mental wellbeing. Start making progress and begin by moving forward and taking charge of the mind and emotions.

What is 444 in roman numerals?

444 is presented as CDXLIV in roman numerals. To convert the number 444 in Roman Numerals you’d use the full calculation (500 – 100) + (50-10) + 5 – 1.

This translates into (D – C) + (L – X) + V – I = CDXLIV.

While 444 does equate to CDXLIV in roman numerals, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a message in roman numerals.

Where can I see angel number 444?

Angel numbers are repeated numbers that pop up in your daily life, for example, on license plates, phone numbers, or alarm clocks.

Every number sequence is considered a divine message from the universe, guardian angels, or spirit guides. Each repeated number (like 444) has a specific meaning and can guide you to beautiful and life-changing experiences if you’re open to it. When you start seeing angel numbers it’s beneficial to deepen your spiritual practice and rely on your inner wisdom. You’re on the right path and positive change is around the corner.

Angel number 444 video explanation

Learn more about angel number 444 with this short video summary:

What is the relation between angel number 444 and other repeating numbers?

Angel number 444 is closely related to other numbers such as 222 angel number, 333 angel number, 555 angel number meaning. These are all repeated number sequences. However, they all have their own specific meanings. Check out the other guides to learn more!

Editor’s note: According to real spiritual leaders and scientists, angel numbers are simply coincidences. Science Happiness also believes you should not rely on external things such as angel numbers to live a beautiful and happy life. You have the power to create the life you want and manifest your dreams regardless of what is happening around you.

Find out what stops you from manifesting anything you want: take the manifestation quiz by clicking here.