Best meditation table for your meditation room

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best meditation tables. Let’s dive right in

What do you put on a meditation table?

Meditating can be an incredibly personal experience. What you put on your meditation table is just as personal. The range of items you might find on a meditation table includes candles, crystals, oils, and herbs. There are many choices for what to set out when gathering your supplies but it should be something that speaks to you personally or gives you comfort.

The main point here is that there are many items that one could put on a meditation table, but let’s talk about some meditation table ideas.

Meditation table ideas

There is the obvious choice of the Buddha statue.

Shiva statue

Some people like to add crystals and believe they enhance their meditation experience.


Others like to light incense to create an atmosphere that is fragrant and welcoming for meditation.


Simply adding a beautiful plant or flower can sometimes do the trick.

house plant

A bronze gong can also create a beautiful atmosphere.

bronze gong

How do you set up a meditation table?

First, choose the meditation table that suits your needs in terms of size, style, and price.

Once you’ve determined where to put your meditation table it’s time to choose the items to include.

As we mentioned above, which items you end up including are completely personal and up to you. It’s important to mention that having a meditation table won’t necessarily improve your meditation sessions. Meditation tables are purely used for decorative purposes. However, if one chooses to do so, you can place items such as yantras on them which are supposed to help induce a meditative state.

Once you’ve chosen all the items for your meditation table, simply organize the table in front of you preferably to the north, and start your meditation.

What is the purpose of a meditation altar?

An altar is traditionally placed in the center of a room or house. It is an area that serves as a focal point for meditation, spiritual enlightenment, or to offer prayers and sacrifices. Unlike other altars that are only used during specific ceremonies, a meditation altar should be left up all the time. This gives people the opportunity to come into contact with their inner selves and find peace.

The act of meditation is not exclusive to the confines of an environment, but, instead, it is abstract in nature. The reason for this is due to the fact that when you meditate, your mind is cleared and you are able to focus on the thoughts and words that are said. The best way to clear your mind is by establishing a space where you can devote time and energy to a specific topic.

What is a meditation room?

A meditation room is a special room in a building set aside for spiritually-focused activities. In this room, people can establish a deep sense of inner peace and clarity by focusing on their spirituality. Typically, the only thing in this room is a mat or cushion for sitting on, but sometimes there are other decorations such as candles or incense.

Many people are drawn to meditation because it offers them relief from the stress that is constantly present in their lives. But sometimes, when they are able to find the time to do so, it can be difficult for them to go about finding a place to do this in peace. Luckily, there are meditation rooms being created all over the world by people who have recognized this need in themselves and others.

What is a zen meditation table?

Zen is a spiritual tradition that seeks to cultivate a type of enlightenment. It’s a way of being in the world, being present with whatever happens and not reacting. To go with the flow, to just be.

Zen is a beautiful way of life and is believed to originate from India and formalized in China over 1,500 years ago. Many beautiful works of art have been created by zen artists. A few examples are paintings that depict wisps of fog or streamers of light. Finding a zen meditation table thus can mean that it’s created by a zen artist or has a familiar zen style.

Finding a meditation table that has been created by a zen artist might be a decent challenge. That’s because their way of life is completely different from western capitalism. In other words, there won’t be hundreds of authentic zen-style meditation tables lying in an aisle at IKEA. However, there are meditation tables that have the same styling as zen artists from way back, which haven’t been produced by a zen master but rather mass-produced.

How to build a meditation table?

Building a mediation table is very similar to building a regular table as a DIY project.

You can purchase a wood table at a furniture store or build one yourself.

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