History of angel number 555

History of 555

Obviously, the angel number 555 consists of the number 5. So if you’ve been seeing the Angel number 555 pop up in your daily life you might be wondering about the meaning of the number 5 and why it is presented three times.

What the angel number 555 means

The number five is seen very often in real life, even at the most fundamental part of existence. So what does it mean when the number 5 is repeated five times. Well according to many this is called an Angel number and can be considered a divine spiritual message. I recommend you read our guide on the meaning of angel number 555 to find out what it exactly means in terms of spirituality love, relationships, and financials.

Finding the number 5 in our daily lives

The number 5 is seen in a lot of different parts of life. For example:

We as humans have 5 senses

As humans, we perceive the world through our five senses. We can see with our visual apparatus, we can hear with our auditory apparatus, we can feel with our tactile system, we can smell with our nose, and we can taste with our taste buds. Seeing as we have these five very important ways to perceive the world it’s only logical that the number 5 is a very important number in our existence.

We have 5 fingers and toes

Now most of us are born with fast fingers and five toes on each hand and foot respectively. For some reason, the intelligent creator of everyone and everything decided that four fingers would not be enough and that six fingers would be too much. This intelligence that created everything found the number 5 to be perfect for your body to coordinate through life. Can you imagine “high-fouring” someone?

There are 5 elements in existence

The eastern teachings always look at everything on a fundamental level. And what they found on a fundamental level is that everything in existence can be divided into five distinct categories. Namely water, air, fire, earth, and space. These fundamental building blocks of life can be seen in every stretch of the universe.

The god shiva has 5 faces

Mukhalinga or Mukhalingam in Hindu iconography is a linga (or form) that has one or more faces. The linga is an iconic representation of the Hindu god Shiva

The five-faced mukhalinga is called pancha-mukhalinga. Five faces represent Shiva, the classical elements, directions, five senses, and five body parts. These five faces represent Shiva’s five dimensions: Sadyojata (Vamadeva), Aghora, Tatpurusha, Ishana, and Tatpurusha.

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