Nuru Massage: Everything You Need To Know

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A nuru massage is a sensual and erotic massage. With a nuru massage the masseur uses his or her entire body to massage the client. In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know.

What is the definition of nuru massage?

The definition of nuru is “slippery”. It’s a Japanese word. The nuru massage practice actually originates from Japan.

The word Nuru or “slippery” accurately describes the massage since both the masseur and the client are completely naked and covered in nuru massage gel. Using the whole body, the masseur will massage the client. A nuru massage will cause a slippery but also sensual situation that many may find enjoyable. A nuru massage can also be done at home with your partner.

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What are the benefits of a nuru massage?

According to elitedaily, there are a number of health benefits associated to nuru massages:

May relieve stress

A nuru massage may relieve stress. A survey done by researchers in Londen shows that 83% of people who’ve tried the erotic massage felt a drastic improvement in mental wellbeing after the massage. This is not surprising since it’s a well-known fact that body contact can have a positive impact on one’s wellbeing. Studies show the pysical sensation of touch can signal safety and trust. Since the masseur will be touching the whole body, the client may experience comforting signals of safety and trust.

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Relaxes the muscles

Similar to a regular massage, a nuru massage can relax the muscles. Depending on the skills and expertise of the massage therapist, different muscle groups can be targeted and treated. A well-trained japanese nuru therapist will have the knowledge and experience to simultaneously sensually stimulate you while also relaxing the muscles.

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Moisturizes the skin

By using the special nuru massage gel, your skin will be left hydrated and supple. The gel consists of special ingredients such as seaweed that will not dry out the skin after the massage session is done. Instead it improves the moisture balance of the skin.

Increases endorphines and blood circulation

The most important aspect of a nuru massage naturally is the sensual nature. But a nuru massage has additional benefits. The massage will allow the body to release endorphines and improves blood circulation.

Is intercourse part of a nuru massage?

No, intercourse is not part of a traditional japanese nuru massage. If you chose to do a nuru massage at home with your partner, naturally you are completely free to do as you like. However, if you decide to visit a professional massage therapist, this will most likely not be part of the session.

How to do a nuru massage?

If you want to perform a nuru massage yourself it is important to take note of a few things.

First off it is important to realize that the massage is called slippery for a good reason. Be ware that you might need to change your bed sheets and have a lot of laundry to do. Moreover it is important to choose the right nuru massage gel. The nuru gels come in different qualities. Chose a gel that is slippery enough and doesn’t dry out the skin.

Lastly it is important to chose your location wisely. It is not recommended to perform a nuru massage on a traditional massage bed. Chances are that both the masseur and the one being massaged will slide of the massage bed and this may cause injury. A nuru massage bed or a normal bed are better options. Use towels in abundance.

Good luck on your nuru massage journey and most importantly relax and enjoy yourself!

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